Unger Stingray Handheld Internal Window Cleaning Kit 100 Plus SRKT2B | UG00989

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The ideal ready-to-go indoor window cleaning solution, the Unger Stingray cleans faster and uses fewer chemicals than the traditional sprayer and cloth method. With the unique triangular shaped TriPad for simultaneous cleaning of windows and frames, an enclosed spray nozzle, and one step Apply and Clean technology, the results are cleaner and quicker. With no ladders to climb, and no need to move heavy furniture out of the way, it is safer too. The pole is triangular for an enhanced grip, and the sprayer is battery powered to reduce operator fatigue. Contains 1 x Stingray handheld unit, 1 x Stingray glass cleaner pouch, 1 x Stingray microfibre TriPad, 1 x Stingray deep clean microfibre TriPad, 1 x Easy-Click short pole and 2 x AA batteries.

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