Tippex Micro Twist Correct Tape (Pack of 10) 8706151

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  • This iconic correction tape with tear-resistant polyester film has a special head to protect the tip, and won’t mark your books or bag while you carry it around
  • Patented twist-head reveals tip: no lost cap
  • Rewinding mechanism for more control
  • Accurate application for both left and right handers
  • 8m of iconic correction tape
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This Tipp-Ex Micro Twist Correction Tape features a patented twisting cap, which protects the nib and keeps it clean when not in use. The compact design is great for fitting in pencil cases or pen pots. It also features a rewinding mechanism if the tape becomes loose. The dispenser contains 5mm x 8m long white tape made from tear resistant, plastic based film for instant correction. This pack contains 10 dispensers.

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