Staedtler Lumocolour Pen Non-Permanent Medium Black (Pack of 10) 315-9 | ST33192

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  • A pen for use on almost every surface, such as CDs, glass, plastic, metal, porcelain, wood
  • Produces bright, high-intensity coloured presentations on your OHP
  • The wallet lid folds back to serve as a practical stand up box for easy access to the pens
  • Dry safe’ ink allows for cap off time of two days
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This premium Staedtler Lumocolour pen has been specially developed for use on overhead projection film for high intensity, vibrantly coloured presentations. This versatile pen is also suitable for use on a variety of other surfaces including glass, CDs, plastic, porcelain, wood and leather. The water-soluble ink is fast drying to avoid smudging, but can be easily wiped from film after use using a damp cloth. The medium 1.0mm tip is great for neat, legible writing, drawing, diagrams and more. This pack contains 10 black pens.

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