Philips Black SpeechExec Digital Transcription Set LFH7177 | PH96103

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  • Clear job overview allows more efficient organisation and planning on workloads
  • Visual workflow management facilitates priority documents to be transcribed in the order of your preference
  • Access to job information during transcription provides all relevant dictation data, such as length, author name, key words and priority status
  • Job status indicator shows if a dictation is pending, in progress or completed
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Getting into dictation, or looking to upgrade from an analogue transcription system? The Philips LFH7177 SpeechExec Digital Transcription Set contains everything you need to start transcribing your recordings with digital quality. This kit includes a USB foot pedal that allows hand-free control of playback, letting you scan, pause and play without taking your hands off the keyboard. The stereo headphones deliver great sound quality optimised for speech. It comes with SpeechExec software that efficiently organises your workflow for an instant overview of authors and current status, with a handy priority option.

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