Nescafe Gold Blend Decaffeinated One Cup Sticks Coffee Sachets (Pack of 200) 12130482 | NL72759

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  • Smooth taste rich aroma
  • Nescaf? is produced with 100% coffee beans, nothing else
  • Decaffeinated using water and contains mountain grown Arabica beans ground 10 times finer
  • Quick and convenient one serving sachets
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Nescafe One Cup Sachets each contain just the right amount for a delicious cup of morning or afternoon coffee. Simply empty the sachet into a cup, add hot water and milk or sugar to taste, then stir. Nescafe Gold Blend Decaffeinated coffee is made from a mix of Arabica and Robusta beans combined to create a smooth coffee that tastes bold and luxurious, without any of the caffeine. Ideal for catering, meeting rooms and breakout areas. This pack contains 200 sticks.

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