Nescafe Cappuccino 1kg (Makes approx 60 cups) 12314882 | NL30707


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  • Our new classic cappuccino with low sugar
  • Crafted using natural high quality coffee beans
  • Made with fresh milk sourced from British dairy farmers
  • Every cup has a delicious velvety froth
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Enjoy the frothy taste of a hot cappuccino in an instant with Nescafe Gold Cappuccino. No need to froth or steam milk, just measure out a portion, add hot water and stir. Made with 100% Arabica coffee with whitener for a deliciously frothy top. For those who prefer a full-bodied, creamy taste with just 68 calories per cup. This 1kg tin contains enough coffee for around 60 cups, ideal for caterers or office kitchens.

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